Sacrifice, service and good food.

Dahlquist Parker Bean

Charles W. Dahlquist, me and James Bean

In November of last year I had the opportunity to chair a fundraising committee for the local council of the Boys Scouts of America. To be perfectly honest, I was not looking forward to this task though I knew in the end, I would be working with some pretty impressive individuals.

The fundraiser was an awards banquet honoring a “Distinguished Citizen”. This year’s recipient was someone I respected deeply, James Bean. He is somewhat of a celebrity among Portland area members of the Church. He is a local attorney with a big family (11 children) and very involved in the Church. He served as Oregon City’s first Stake President for 10 years and has served as what was called a “Regional Representative” for the church, similar to today’s “Area Authority Seventies”.  He was instrumental in development of the Portland Temple.

During the program, we heard from a handful of people representing the different sides of President Bean’s life including family, work and church. The final speaker was Charles W. Dahlquist, II, former Church General Young Mens President.  It was a treat to work with him in preparation for the program.

On the day of the big event, I invited President David A. Lundgreen, Oregon City’s current Stake President to go with me to pick up President Dahlquist from the airport. We then took him to lunch where we spent three hours talking about church, scouts, the youth, the new Duty to God program among other fun things. (I even got a “Neal A. Maxwell” story out of him)

One on the lessons I learned from the entire day, visiting with President Dahlquist and then “emceeing” the program for President Bean was the amount of sacrifice, willing sacrifice, these two men have made and continue to make on behalf of “The Kingdom”.  From family time to actual business opportunities, these men, without hesitation, have put everything on the altar.  President Dahlquist served five years as the General Young Men’s President and averaged 3.4 days a week traveling; more than the “Twelve” or the Prophet.  All this while still keeping his full-time job as an attorney! (This was a huge surprise to me) He shared with me his typical weekly schedule and it was nothing less than a total miracle.

The dinner was a great success and a very fun evening.  However, the lessons I learned from those two men have left me wanting to be more diligent, more faithful, more obedient, and more selfless.  Thanks Presidents Bean and Dahlquist!


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