Renewing TEMPLE Covenants…and More.

When worthy members of the Church enter into the temple for the first time, they make covenants (promises) with the Lord and perform sacred ordinances for themselves. When members return to the temple, they make the same covenants and perform the same ordinance for those who have died; those who are waiting in the Spirit World, who have not had a chance to do this sacred work from themselves.

Think of it. You went through the temple ONE TIME for you. That was it. Wouldn’t it be cool to go again just for you? I know way more now. I understand more; have had more “gospel experience.” It would mean so much more now than it did as a 19 year old punk reporting to the MTC the next day.

It was that line of thought that led me to the next thought. For me, it was an epiphany, inspiration, a revelation. The question: “Why can’t we make temple covenants for ourselves again?” The answer: “We do, duh!” Well, maybe without the “duh.” I believe, we renew those covenants when we partake the Sacrament every Sunday.

Now, I have a lot of “thoughts” and not all of them are always correct. So, I did some research and here is some of what I found.

Elder L. Tom Perry, (April 1, 2006)

“The purpose of partaking of the sacrament is, of course, to renew the covenants we have made with the Lord.

Elder Delbert L. Stapley instructed us in this when he said about covenants:

‘The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is a covenant between God and his people. … When baptized by an authorized servant of God, we covenant to do God’s will and to obey his commandments. … By partaking of the Sacrament we renew all covenants entered into with the Lord and pledge ourselves to take upon us the name of his Son, to always remember him and keep his commandments’ (in Conference Report, Oct. 1965, 14).”

President Spencer W. Kimball, (The Teaching of Spencer W. Kimball, p. 112)

“Remembering covenants prevents apostasy. That is the real purpose of the sacrament, to keep us from forgetting, to help us to remember … [that which we have] covenanted at the water’s edge or at the sacrament table and in the temple.”

So, when we partake of the Sacrament we renew all covenants and promises we have made with the Lord. If you’ve just been baptized, then you renew your baptismal covenants. If you have the Priesthood, it’s those covenants as well. If you’ve received your Endowment, partaking of the sacred emblems renews those convents too.

For me, it underscores the importance of the Sacrament and the partaking of it weekly.  It places more reverence over what the Deacons, Teachers and Priests do to prepare the sacrament.

Most importantly, I’m renewing everything I promised to God every week. I may have not been perfect the week before but He gives me another chance – a chance to learn, to grow, to develop and come to really mean what I first promised so many years ago.

NOTE: As with everything on this blog, the thoughts and insights are mine and mine alone.


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  1. Troy says:

    Here is some additional research. This is from the Ensign’s “I have a question” area.

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