A Joy & Happiness Sandwich

I am a big fan of the sandwich. In most cases, they are typically very easy to make yet so tasty. In business terms, the “Return on Investment” for a sandwich can be so high…and so satisfying. There are really just two parts to the sandwich, first two pieces of bread and second everything in between the two pieces of bread. Simple.

Likewise, (at least kind-of) the scriptures and gospel principles found in them can be “plain” and “simple.” So, here is an example of a “scriptural sandwich” that I like to call the “Joy and Happiness Sandwich.” It has the bread and the in-between.

The Bread

In Helaman 3:25 & 30 we find two categories of “blessings.” In verse 25, so great and many are the blessings and the prosperity of the Church that even its leaders are “astonished beyond measure.” They are experiencing an unusual time of growth and blessings. These blessings can be viewed as proximate blessings or earthly blessings.  In verse 30, we find blessing that are more eternal in nature. They could see their souls at the right hand of God. They could see their salvation.

Our two pieces of bread are Earthly and Heavenly blessings.

The In-between

The insides of our sandwich are really the way, the steps to get both these Earthly and Heavenly blessings. They’re not new but underscore the simplicity of the Gospel and remind us of the every-day, holy habits we must have to find joy and happiness in this life and the life after.

In verse 27 we see the Lord is merciful to all who, with sincerity, “call upon his holy name.” Yes, you guessed it. The first ingredient in our sandwich is prayer. Second, in verse 28 we find the “gate of heaven” to all its blessing, is opened to all who “believe on the name of Jesus Christ”. Sounding familiar? Faith in Jesus Christ is the second ingredient. Next, in verse 29 we find that all who “lay hold upon the word of God” will be led through all trials and tribulations. The third ingredient is The Scriptures. I love the second part of verse 29. Though it doesn’t come right out and say it, it isn’t much of a stretch to interpret that the Holy Ghost helps in leading us through the “gulf of misery” along a “straight and narrow course.” It is a consistent, important ingredient for our sandwich.

There you have it, a “Joy and Happiness Sandwich” and one more place of many that articulates the importance of the “basics.” All that is left to do is to “feast” upon our sandwich and enjoy the sweet blessings that will surely come.


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