Friday Night (and General Conference) Lights

For quite some time now, BYU has played its in-state rivalry football game against Utah State on a Friday night. Not because of a TV deal or weather issues. No, not many outside the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains know this version of Friday Night Lights is a result, and certainly a part, of the Mormon culture.

This game is moved from Saturday to Friday because members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, are expected to attend (via TV, radio, Internet, etc.) the Church’s Semi-Annual General World Conference held on Saturday and Sunday. Clearly, most of the BYU players are LDS and a majority of USU players share the same faith. (Not to mention the fans.) So the two schools have agreed to hold the game on the Friday before October Conference week-end.

Who cares? What does it matter? It matters because a BYU/USU Friday night game means it’s General Conference time! Many of you know me as a complete, hopelessly entrenched, church nerd. And I’m afraid my love for General Conference will further expose my spiritual nerdiness.

I love to listen to our church leaders who we believe to be prophets of God. Indeed, we boldly declare that these leaders speak what God and His Son would speak to the world today. We believe in a living, breathing church with a God who is concerned and involved. We believe in what we call, “modern revelation”. Put simply, God still speaks today; both generally and individually.

What would God say about the world economy today? What would He say about current political unrest? What would He say about education? What would he say about what concerns me and you? I’ll make you a promise – watch or listen, with an open mind and heart, to some (or all) of what these leaders say, whether or not you are a member of this church, and you will be inspired and receive divine council on specific issues you face. You will hear what God would have you hear.

So, tune in to the big rivalry football game under the lights on Friday night. Then tune in Saturday and Sunday to be engulfed in the spiritual light of General Conference.

How to view/listen to General Conference.

PS…Join the “Twitter Stake” on Twitter as we tweet non-stop about General Confererce. Use hash-tag: #ldsconf to follow the real-time stream. Follow me @LDSTroy


2 Responses to Friday Night (and General Conference) Lights

  1. Lee says:

    I love conference as well and was just thinking about how to prepare for it. I read Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk that subject when it hit me that I could use the “Where art Thou” sheet that you handed out in the last Priesthood meeting. This will help me focus where I am weak and prayerfully listen to our Prophets as they speak the words from Heavenly Father. I am so excited!!

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