The Miracle of the Shampoo

The Oregon City Stake just celebrated its 40th anniversary. One thing you need to know about the Oregon City Stake is that we don’t do things small. So as the 40th year of the Stake existence approached, a go-getter sister (aren’t they all) was called and a committee formed. The result was a wonderfully delightful evening of reminiscing and reacquainting. It reminded me of what I’m sure the Sons of Mosiah felt when they were reunited after years of being a part in the service of God.

As part of the evening, a video was presented of former stake leaders and long-time members of the Stake. It was awesome. Time and time again, those being interviewed recounted stories of faith and sacrifice but quickly added something to the effect of, “We didn’t think it was a sacrifice. It’s just what you did.” I loved it.

Putting the video together took hours of work and interviews. I had the opportunity to be a part of the interviews and thoroughly enjoyed my time reminiscing. We spent most of our time discussing the Stake’s youth events, including a Trek and a Book of Mormon reenactment. From the interviews came some very touching stories and moments. One was from President Karl Brady who was assigned to take pictures and capture video of the Trek. He recalls what is known in our stake as “The Miracle of the Shampoo”.

Another story shows the love that Heavenly-Father has for His children and the “Tender Mercies” He is willing to bestow upon us all.

The following brief video includes these two stories.

[youtube ]

One Response to The Miracle of the Shampoo

  1. Tanya Scott says:

    What a touching video! Heavenly Father truly blessed the youth of your stake based upon their faith. Thanks for sharing!

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