Twitter Notes from the Oregon City Stake Conference…President Morby said I could!

1780792_10202795744202040_1017836587_nMany of you already know I enjoy tweeting General Conference. It keeps me focused and allows me to share notes that are being taken, in real time, from all over the world. It also creates a digital, web record that is being indexed by all the major search engines. This means that when someone searches anything about the Church or its doctrine my tweets have as much a chance to be in the search results as someone’s who is antagonistic towards the Church.
Fact is, my tweets and posts alone won’t do much at all. However, the combined updates, posts, tweets, pins of all of us makes a difference in what is returned on everyday searches. It really comes down to this; we have to tell our story or someone else, who hates us, will.
With that in mind, I loved the messages delivered by the missionaries and mission president in the Oregon City Stake (my stake) Conference this past weekend. In effect, President Morby asked us to get on-line, get a Facebook page, a blog, a twitter account and start telling our story. I loved it because I was, well, already tweeting stake conference. Any guilt that I may have felt for taking notes via twitter was washed away and I become a tweeting maniac.
The real fun was to watch my tweets being retweeted and favorited by many of my followers. Yes, a large percentage are members of the Church but the friends that follow them also may have seen those tweets and so on. See how this is going to work?
President Morby cited a study done by the Church that indicated there were 90 million people who either belonged to a church but were unsatisfied or who considered themselves spiritual but not belonging to any organized Church. How do we reach those 90 million? President Morby answered, “Through your Facebook page!” I love it! And am so grateful to be alive today. He continued to say that the Church believes we can find and baptize at least 9 million of those 90 million in short order via the Internet.
With all that in mind, I’m posting the notes I tweeted over stake conference. Who knows, maybe one of them will reach one of the 90 million.


One Response to Twitter Notes from the Oregon City Stake Conference…President Morby said I could!

  1. Julie Waddell says:

    Thank you Troy. If I stumbled upon your blog, you know it’s going to reach one of the 90 million… because I’m not even sure what a tweet is!
    ~ Julie Waddell

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