There Is No Convenient Sacrifice

I’m sure it has to do a little with my age, but with every talk I hear from the Brethren there seems to be an increased sense of urgency. Whether it be in General Conference or other forums, Church leaders seem to be asking us to do a little bit more, to become more engaged in the work.

The message is simple; this is not the time to be sitting around, doing nothing.  Nor is it a time to be just a “Sunday” member, coming to church, but not allowing the gospel to effect our everyday life.  As Elder Maxwell put it, the time to come off the “porch of the church”[1] is now.  There is more to do and less time to do it.  And the Prophet has asked us all to do more.  Not only is he asking, but he is showing.  We must ask ourselves, as did Elder Ballard, “Are we keeping pace?”[2]   We must realize that we, the members of the church, will be required to do more and more, in other words, to SACRIFICE. Read more of this post

Deseret News Print – May 9, 2011

Reverencing Womanhood – Some Doctrinal Points

"Jesus Appears to Mary" by Gregg Olsen

(To Jill, Mom, Mom (Carma) and the women/girls “who can tell me what to do.”)

One of the most touching stories in scripture is the exchange between the resurrected Lord and Mary Magdalene. Jesus’ tomb was empty and Mary, confused and alone, is standing outside the “sepulchre weeping.”[1] Someone nearby, she supposed was the gardener, asks “Woman, why weepest thou?”[2]

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The Sermon on the Mount and The Book of Mormon

Jesus teaching the Sermon on the Mount

One of the points of theology that set members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) apart from the rest of the Christian world is our belief in The Book of Mormon – Another Testament of Jesus Christ.  In fact, it is for that belief we are called, “Mormons”.

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It Has To Be Said

Jesus Christ is the center

There is a phrase we use in America (perhaps elsewhere too) that goes something like this, “it goes without saying.” We have all used it before. It is communicating that some fact is so inherently obvious that one does not have to articulate that fact to others. It is automatically understood. For example, “It goes without saying that one should pull the parachute cord when one jumps out of a plane at 30,000 feet.” It’s obvious and simply doesn’t need to be said. It “goes without saying.”

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“Honor (respect) thy Mother”

Editor’s Note: This was written after the birth of our youngest, Joshua, in 1998.

Josh with Mom, Jill

“Honor (respect) thy Mother”

Respect, or lack there of, is a popular discussion.  It is often blamed for society’s ills and the problems of youth.  I must agree there seems to be a growing lack of respect in the world today.  This is not a new phenomenon nor is it a passing fad, but a SIN that continues to increase.  I’m not as concerned about the “world”, it will continue to get worse; it is the members of the church, the followers of Christ, us, that have to be aware to not “err because [we] are taught by the precepts of man” (2 Nephi 28:14). Read more of this post

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