Stake Conference Twitter Notes

twitternoteHere are my twitter notes from our Stake Conference held November 9, 2014. Sunday included a broadcast from SLC.

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“Where Art Thou” – Inspired Questions

The Garden of Gethsemane

NOTE: The following is a talk given in a Ward Conference several years ago.

After partaking of the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve hid. They heard Heavenly Father coming to check on them and they were ashamed, so they hid. In Genesis 3:9 God asks a question, “… God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?”

It’s a funny question considering who is asking it. Isn’t God all-knowing? Wouldn’t He know exactly where Adam and Eve where hiding before they even decided to hide? So if He knew, why ask the question?

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The Sufferings of the Savior – Scripture Chain

Recently, I was shown a “scripture chain” that was very inspiring.  (Thanks Bro. Moon) First, a “scripture chain” is a chain or group of scriptures, one leading to the next.  These chains are limited only by one’s creativity and ability to find common threads through the canon.

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