Stake Conference Twitter Notes

twitternoteHere are my twitter notes from our Stake Conference held November 9, 2014. Sunday included a broadcast from SLC.

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A Year Ago Today – Galilee

March 30, 2011

Mt. of Beattitudes

Jill sitting on the traditional site of the Sermon on the Mount

Close to the height of His popularity, Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount, which included the Beatitudes.  It is perhaps the most read of Jesus’ teachings and introducing something more than what the Law of Moses had become.  It moved the focus from things we do – our behavior, to the feelings and motives we have.  If we have correct motives, if we develop the attributes of Christ, our Christian acts will follow – a by-product of who we have become. Read more of this post

Come Listen to Living Prophets


Take the “Peter Deniel, Prophecy or Command” Poll. What do you think?

To read the two theories, read my last post: Peter’s Denial – Prediction or Command?

Peter’s Denial – Prediction or Command?

NOTE: Because we are all currently studing this part of the New Testiment in Gospel Doctrine class, I have re-posted it.

When discussing the final days of Jesus Christ’s mortal ministry, we often reference the fact that nearly everyone left Him. As Elder Jeffery R. Holland noted, “Thus, of divine necessity, the supporting circle around Jesus gets smaller and smaller and smaller, giving significance to Matthew’s words: “All the disciples [left] him, and fled. (Matthew 26:56)”  “None Were with Him,” (April 5, 2009)

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Remembering Elder Neal A. Maxwell, his discipleship and his birthday

NOTE: This is a tweak of a previous post that I wanted to do to honor Elder Maxwell on his birthday.

My wife, Jill and I love to go to Education Week at Brigham Young University every fall. It is a time for us to be together (without kids) and fill our spiritual reservoirs.

We attended last August and it was beyond awesome. One of my favorite moments was walking down the hall of the Wilkinson Center and seeing Dr. Robert Millet, one of our favorite presenters, visiting with Cory Maxwell. Normally I would be in awe of Dr. Millet but this time I was struck with a feeling of reverence as I saw Bro. Maxwell. He is the son of the late, Elder Neal A. Maxwell. Those who know me well know that I absolutely loved Neal A. Maxwell.
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