Dad is just in the other room.

NOTE: My father-in-law, Paul J. Puffer passed away on November 5th. He was a great man with a very strong testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I had the incredible honor of speaking at his funeral. With the permission of my mother-in-law, I have posted the text of this talk here.

As a brief intro, my name is Troy Parker.  Paul Puffer is my father-in-law. As Dad would tell the story (and I’ll call him Dad from here on out) he paid me to marry his third daughter, Jill. Of course, he only said that to make me feel like I measured up. Read more of this post


Another reason to love sports – March Madness and Murray State

Last fall I wrote a post highlighting some of the reasons I really like team sports. This morning I was watching the mega coverage of the NCAA’s March Madness. It truly is the best sports time of the year. In their coverage CBS (along with TNT, TBS & TruTV) focused in on the Murray State Racers. Read more of this post

He Got Dismissed for What?!?

In high school (many, many years ago) I played both football and basketball. The summer before my senior year, a group of my friends and I were very serious about having a successful football season. We were in the weight room every day, on the field every day. We even had a special diet that was said to build muscle and gain weight. (Can you believe it, I dieted to GAIN weight!)

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Jimmer Receives His Mission Call

I’m sure the letter read something like this:

Dear James “Jimmer” Fredette, you are hereby called to serve a mission to the Hoops Universe Mission including opening of the Twittersphere.  It is anticipated that you will serve for a long time.

Not sure who signed it but make no mistake, he is now officially on a mission.

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