Another reason to love sports – March Madness and Murray State

Last fall I wrote a post highlighting some of the reasons I really like team sports. This morning I was watching the mega coverage of the NCAA’s March Madness. It truly is the best sports time of the year. In their coverage CBS (along with TNT, TBS & TruTV) focused in on the Murray State Racers. Read more of this post


He Got Dismissed for What?!?

In high school (many, many years ago) I played both football and basketball. The summer before my senior year, a group of my friends and I were very serious about having a successful football season. We were in the weight room every day, on the field every day. We even had a special diet that was said to build muscle and gain weight. (Can you believe it, I dieted to GAIN weight!)

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Jimmer Receives His Mission Call

I’m sure the letter read something like this:

Dear James “Jimmer” Fredette, you are hereby called to serve a mission to the Hoops Universe Mission including opening of the Twittersphere.  It is anticipated that you will serve for a long time.

Not sure who signed it but make no mistake, he is now officially on a mission.

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