What is really right about sports

Molalla Indians

Like many of you, I love sports. There are a million reasons why we love to play or love to watch our favorite teams. When this love collides with the love we have for our children and family, it creates intense – often crazy – emotions.

Much has been written about the over-the-top parents and coaches who simply take it too far. Additionally, it seems we’ve been bombarded with news of scandal after scandal in college sports and there is never a shortage of negative stories coming from the pro ranks. There is plenty wrong with sports these days.

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He Got Dismissed for What?!?

In high school (many, many years ago) I played both football and basketball. The summer before my senior year, a group of my friends and I were very serious about having a successful football season. We were in the weight room every day, on the field every day. We even had a special diet that was said to build muscle and gain weight. (Can you believe it, I dieted to GAIN weight!)

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