Age adjustments, phone calls and answered prayers

Anyone who follows me on Twitter (@LDSTroy) or my blog knows that I love to tweet during General Conference (#LDSConf). I admit, with some nerdy embarrassment, that I have been a part of the #TwitterStake since its beginning. Not only is it a way for me to take notes but I get to see everyone else’s notes. There are more “notes” than anyone could ever read but at the very least, it keeps me awake and alert through all of conference.

So when Conference started and President Thomas S. Monson offered his opening remarks, I was listening and tweeting – for a few seconds. When his comments switched to missionary work and the age adjustment for both young men (18) and young women (19), I was stunned.

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Voice of our Leaders (Poll)

The first day of the 181st Semiannual General Conference is in the books. I’m not sure if the speakers and music keep getting better or if I’m just getting older. But it seems that the messages delivered at conference are more timely, more relevant and more specifically directed at me. Read more of this post

Friday Night (and General Conference) Lights

For quite some time now, BYU has played its in-state rivalry football game against Utah State on a Friday night. Not because of a TV deal or weather issues. No, not many outside the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains know this version of Friday Night Lights is a result, and certainly a part, of the Mormon culture. Read more of this post

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