Dad is just in the other room.

NOTE: My father-in-law, Paul J. Puffer passed away on November 5th. He was a great man with a very strong testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I had the incredible honor of speaking at his funeral. With the permission of my mother-in-law, I have posted the text of this talk here.

As a brief intro, my name is Troy Parker.  Paul Puffer is my father-in-law. As Dad would tell the story (and I’ll call him Dad from here on out) he paid me to marry his third daughter, Jill. Of course, he only said that to make me feel like I measured up. Read more of this post


A year ago today. A photo essay about the Holy Lands.

A year ago this and next week, Jill and I, along with her parents, experienced the trip of a life time. A number of my posts have recounted the experiences we had in the Holy Lands. In fact, one was even published in the Church News and expressed the sentiment that you don’t have to go to the Holy Lands to experience deep spiritual feelings. One can walk where Jesus walked right here in holy temples. One can come to know Jesus is the son of God right where one stands.

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From Every Pore

Stonework from the Garden of Gethsemane

I have to admit, I am a BYU-TV junkie. (Some call it being a “church nerd”) I don’t really care for the “homemaking” types of programs and even the Family History stuff tends to put me to sleep. (Sorry Rach) But the scripture round tables and programs are phenomenal. From the Book of Mormon to the Lectures on Faith, BYU faculty members discuss the content, context and application of the Word of God. Much of my personal quest for gospel scholarship includes this type of BYU programming.

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Deseret News Print – May 9, 2011

“Where Art Thou” – Inspired Questions

The Garden of Gethsemane

NOTE: The following is a talk given in a Ward Conference several years ago.

After partaking of the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve hid. They heard Heavenly Father coming to check on them and they were ashamed, so they hid. In Genesis 3:9 God asks a question, “… God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?”

It’s a funny question considering who is asking it. Isn’t God all-knowing? Wouldn’t He know exactly where Adam and Eve where hiding before they even decided to hide? So if He knew, why ask the question?

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Dream: Fulfilled

Walking where Jesus walked.

What a trip. We’re back in 30 degree less, rainy weather and feeling the effects of our travels. (I thought this jet-lag thing was a myth!) Our dream to go to the “holy land/s” has been fulfilled and it was everything we hoped. As we have returned home, the question we keep hearing is, “what did you like most?” It is a tough question indeed. It is very similar to the question, “which of your children do you like best?” (Or least depending on whether you have teen-agers or not.)

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The Sufferings of the Savior – Scripture Chain

Recently, I was shown a “scripture chain” that was very inspiring.  (Thanks Bro. Moon) First, a “scripture chain” is a chain or group of scriptures, one leading to the next.  These chains are limited only by one’s creativity and ability to find common threads through the canon.

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