Repentance = Seeking God’s Mercy

first aidIt didn’t take long before I heard the groans of my students as I displayed, in bold, big letters, the word, “repent”. They were then asked to list other words that came to mind. Sin, embarrassment, bishop, confess, pain, mistake, unworthy, discouragement, hell, hopelessness were among the words most listed. There were a few who listed Atonement, Christ, joy, and change, but the overwhelmingly, most-picked words were negative and their comments certainly reflected that my students believed repenting was no fun. Read more of this post


A Joy & Happiness Sandwich

I am a big fan of the sandwich. In most cases, they are typically very easy to make yet so tasty. In business terms, the “Return on Investment” for a sandwich can be so high…and so satisfying. There are really just two parts to the sandwich, first two pieces of bread and second everything in between the two pieces of bread. Simple.

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