Young Women’s Camp may be God’s secret weapon

Photo: Megan Louise Carter

Though hidden from most males in the Church, Young Women’s Camp, also known as Girl’s Camp, is one of the Church’s most successful programs and could be Heavenly Father’s secret weapon. My involvement with Girl’s Camp began many years ago when my mother, a Young Women’s leader, asked me to pick up girls from camp. As an 18 year-old, this wasn’t a horrible assignment.  The thought of being the first boy the girls had seen in a week overshadowed the long, four-hour drive. My dreams died a slow death on the narrow roads of the coastal range in Southern Oregon due to bad directions and I never made it to camp. In fact, the girls arrived home before I did. Read more of this post


We will not come down, not even part way.

Captain Moroni - Walter Rane

I love the opportunity to serve with so many great people. From the youth to the adults, a big part of the joy I get from working in the “Kingdom” is associating with outstanding, spiritual, intelligent and downright funny folks. I learned a long time ago that if I just listen, I’ll learn something awesome from almost everyone I meet. Such was the case a few nights ago in a church meeting when a spiritual thought was shared.

It was one of those cases where I said to myself, “I’ve never noticed that before!” And is another reminder that the scriptures are truly like Ogres. (You know, onions.)

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