Stake Conference Twitter Notes

twitternoteHere are my twitter notes from our Stake Conference held November 9, 2014. Sunday included a broadcast from SLC.

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Having His hands placed upon my head

I must admit, because I have served in the Young Men’s programs of the Church for almost all of my adult life, I have not attended very many High Priest Group meetings on Sundays. In fact, until now, I don’t think I’ve attended two weeks in a row. High Priest Groups generally have a reputation for either being a time for the “more seasoned” men of the ward to take naps or for less-than-stellar teaching – or both. But this past Sunday I was visiting my parents ward in Coos Bay, Oregon, where I heard a really cool thought (just to debunk the aforementioned reputation.) Read more of this post

Mormonism 101 Infographic

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The Parable of the Squashed Bugs on the Windshield

Picture by Kamille Christensen, 10 after hearing talk based on this post. Click to enlarge.

A few weeks ago I was driving home from Young Women’s camp thinking about the great spiritual experiences they were having. I have the opportunity to work with a lot of youth and see them enjoy spiritual experiences. For some, these experiences provide the most intense feelings of the Spirit they have ever encountered. Like most adult teachers, I wished that these experiences and feeling could be remembered. If our youth could just hang on to the feelings, the thoughts, the excitement and the faith, they would be spiritually firm (Jacob 3:2) and could withstand whatever came their way.  But they would soon descend the mountain and return to the world where they would be distracted and forget what they had felt and seen. Read more of this post

A Joy & Happiness Sandwich

I am a big fan of the sandwich. In most cases, they are typically very easy to make yet so tasty. In business terms, the “Return on Investment” for a sandwich can be so high…and so satisfying. There are really just two parts to the sandwich, first two pieces of bread and second everything in between the two pieces of bread. Simple.

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Prayer, Spiritual Knowledge and a “Bye” week-end.

Another unique practice within the Mormon culture is “Stake Conference”. Its roots are based in the scriptures. Jesus Christ himself teaches His disciples to “meet together oft.” (3 Nephi 18:22) Twice a year, a “Stake” (a group of 8-12 Mormon congregations) meets together to receive counsel and instruction from local and General church leadership.

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