Funerals: The Most Important Meetings We Will Ever Attend

The Garden Tomb - Photo: Bob Moore

Like people, wards (local LDS congregations) in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have their own personalities. Though unmistakably from the same family, very similar in structure and almost identical in theology, wards, like families, are very unique and distinctive.  In 2002, the ward in which my family lived was a fun, energetic ward despite the reality that our ward was aging. We had widows, widowers and older married couples who added stability, wisdom and a nurturing spirit. I was serving as the bishop and having these “tried and true” souls upon whom I could trust and depend, was an extreme blessing to a very inexperienced bishop. Read more of this post

Reverencing Womanhood – Some Doctrinal Points

"Jesus Appears to Mary" by Gregg Olsen

(To Jill, Mom, Mom (Carma) and the women/girls “who can tell me what to do.”)

One of the most touching stories in scripture is the exchange between the resurrected Lord and Mary Magdalene. Jesus’ tomb was empty and Mary, confused and alone, is standing outside the “sepulchre weeping.”[1] Someone nearby, she supposed was the gardener, asks “Woman, why weepest thou?”[2]

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