A Year Ago Today – Galilee

March 30, 2011

Mt. of Beattitudes

Jill sitting on the traditional site of the Sermon on the Mount

Close to the height of His popularity, Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount, which included the Beatitudes.  It is perhaps the most read of Jesus’ teachings and introducing something more than what the Law of Moses had become.  It moved the focus from things we do – our behavior, to the feelings and motives we have.  If we have correct motives, if we develop the attributes of Christ, our Christian acts will follow – a by-product of who we have become. Read more of this post


Mormonism 101 Infographic

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The Parable of the Squashed Bugs on the Windshield

Picture by Kamille Christensen, 10 after hearing talk based on this post. Click to enlarge.

A few weeks ago I was driving home from Young Women’s camp thinking about the great spiritual experiences they were having. I have the opportunity to work with a lot of youth and see them enjoy spiritual experiences. For some, these experiences provide the most intense feelings of the Spirit they have ever encountered. Like most adult teachers, I wished that these experiences and feeling could be remembered. If our youth could just hang on to the feelings, the thoughts, the excitement and the faith, they would be spiritually firm (Jacob 3:2) and could withstand whatever came their way.  But they would soon descend the mountain and return to the world where they would be distracted and forget what they had felt and seen. Read more of this post

Renewing TEMPLE Covenants…and More.

When worthy members of the Church enter into the temple for the first time, they make covenants (promises) with the Lord and perform sacred ordinances for themselves. When members return to the temple, they make the same covenants and perform the same ordinance for those who have died; those who are waiting in the Spirit World, who have not had a chance to do this sacred work from themselves.

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