Beginnings, endings and everything in-between

Oregon City Stake Presidency 2006-2012

It’s not that I wasn’t excited to come home. The idea of real pizza, cold milk and long naps made me grin from ear-to-ear. But the idea of leaving was almost too much to bear. I had been on the island for two years, managed to extend my mission from the usual 24 months to twenty-six and had grown to love the Dominican people beyond any love I had ever felt before. And the work, oh I loved the work. It was intense, exhausting, heart-breaking, stretching and beyond stressful.  But as hard as it was at times, my mission was also fulfilling, satisfying, surprising, exciting, exhilarating and filled with spiritual experience after spiritual experience.  Though Alma was speaking of a different kind of experience, his description also fits here: Read more of this post

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